Friday, 30 August 2013

Fhotoroom, Simple Calendar, MonsterCam and Best Buy app updated

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The popular photography apps Fhotoroom, online shopping app Best Buy, productivity app Simple Calendar and fun photo app MonsterCam for Nokia Lumia WP smartphones updated
1-Fhotoroom updated to v9.1.4.0:
Fhotoroom Tag_0
What’s New:
  • All new Camera
  • Security Updates
  • Updated Splashscreen
  • Updated TiltShift Filter
  • Bug Fixes
2- Simple Calendar updated to v2.4.1.0:
Simple Calender tag
What’s New:
  • Option to pick which day the week starts on in month view
  • New Frodo and Gob small and medium live tiles
  • Added help/faq page
  • Added “use it now” button on the buy features page
  • Default wide Frodo and Gob tiles to use light font on day of week and day of month, provide option to revert back to bold font
3- Monstercam update to v2.0.0.2:
What’s New:
  • Real time monsterification. You can monsterify the camera preview.
  • Nokia Imaging SDK.
  • Full resolution picture support.
  • Nice filter effect.
  • Social sharing.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Show your monsters with the Monsters hub
4- Best Buy app updated to v1.
Best-Buy tag
What’s New:
  • Authentication error fixed


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