Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mehdoh, MetroTalk, WeatherSense and Tile Me updated for Nokia Lumia WP smartphones

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The popular Twitter client Mehdoh, Google Voice client MetroTalk, weather appWeatherSense and avatar personalization app Tiles Me for Nokia Lumia WP smartphones updated.
1-  Mehdoh updated to v7.23 / v8.23 WP7/WP8:
Mehdoh tag
What’s New:
  • + Twitter – Double tap images to go full screen
  • + Twitter – New internal YouTube video player
  • + Twitter – Fix for times on retweets
  • + Soundcloud – extra sharing options
  • + Soundcloud – Search by track name
  • + Soundcloud – Search by user name
2- MetroTalk  updated to v3.4.2.0:
MetroTalk Tag
Whats new in v3.4.2:
  • Bug fix: UI fix for the T9 dialer on 480p devices
  • Bug fix: The “+” character is now available on the T9 dialer by long-pressing the “0″ button-
  • Other: Various fixes and updates
3- WeatherSense updated to v1.2:
weathersense tag
What’s New:
  • Added lockscreen support for user added cities.
  • Fixed lockscreen and Tile update issue.
  • Improvements in UI and added ApplicationBar mode settings.
  • Miles per hour setting included.
4- Tile Me updated to v2.6.0.1:
QR Tile Me Paid_1
What’s New:
  • Added new colors and color categories
  • Added separate Share button
  • Added new About screen
  • Minor UI changes


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