Saturday, 28 September 2013

MyDlink Lite – Home Monitoring app now available for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones

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D-link has released its home monitoring app “MyDLink Lite” for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones over WP Store. The service offers you a simple and easy solution to access your mydlink enabled router, camera and storage devices from anywhere around the world via the Internet using a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.
The app allows you to monitor and control your home network remotely while on the go, you can view your live Cloud Camera feeds, remotely monitor and configure your Cloud Routers and NVR.
My Dlink Router app
  • View live video from your Cloud Camera, including a full-screen view.
  • Supports H.264 video streaming for smooth high-quality video (specific models only.)
  • Listen to audio from your camera’s microphone (audio-enabled modes only)
  • Save snapshots of your camera’s video to your phone.
  • View the online status of your Cloud Cameras and Cloud Routers
  • Remotely monitor and configure your Cloud Routers.
  • Access and view your camera’s video feed (without audio) through your NVR.
  • Support remote viewing period of five minutes in relay mode. Helpful 60seconds left countdown timer.
  • Touch and drag to move your view around for non-PT cameras. Pinch to zoom in/out.
  • Toggle camera’s view modes between Night mode,Day mode and Automatic mode.
  • After initial settings on the mydlink website,you can enable/disable motion/sound detection from the app for supported cameras.
  • You can talk back with 2-way audio support. (for DCS-942L)
  • SD Card Playback (for DCS-942L)
This app is compatible with the following models:
  • CloudCameras: DCS-930L,DCS-931L,DCS-932L,DCS-933L,DCS-942L,DCS-1100,DCS-1100L,DCS-1130,DCS-1130L, DCS-2132L,DCS-2310L,DCS-2332L,DCS-5010L,DCS-5020L,DCS-5211L,DCS-5222L,DCS-5230L,DCS-6010L,DCS-7010L.
  • Cloud Routers: DAP-1160L,DAP-1360L,DIR-140L,DIR-600L,DIR-600LW,DIR-601L,DIR-602L,DIR-605L,DIR-605LW,DIR-615LB1,DIR-619L,DIR-626L,DIR-636L,DIR-640L,DIR-645L,DIR-808L,DIR-810L,DIR-820L,DIR-826L,DIR-836L,DIR-840L,DIR-845L,DIR-850L,DIR-855L,DIR-860L,DIR-865L,DIR-868L,DIR-900L,DIR-905L,DIR-919L,DSL-2770L,DSL-2870B,DSL-2890AL
  • NVR: DNR-322L
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