Thursday, 31 October 2013

SysApp Pusher, Bright Weather, InstaWeatherPro and Gleek updated for Nokia Lumia WP smartphones

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The popular utility app SysApp Pusher, Twitter client Gleek, weather app InstaWeatherPro and Bright Weather for Nokia Lumia WP smartphones updated.
1- SysApp Pusher updated to v2.4.5:
What’s New:
  • HERE Explore has been added
2- Bright Weather updated to v1.1.1:  

3- InstaWeatherPro updated to v1.3.9.3:

4- Gleek updated to v1.91.1.2:

Note: No official changelog has been released for Bright Weather, InstaWeatherPro and Gleek app updates. But the small bump in version suggests a bug fix or optimization. If you find anything new in this update, please do let us know in your comments below.


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