Saturday, 30 November 2013

Why is Nokia's Lumia 520 Still A Great Buy?

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Nokia announced the Lumia 525 earlier this week, which is the successor to the best-selling Lumia 520. Therefore, you might be inclined to write-off the Lumia 520 and wait for the Lumia 525 to become available to buy.

But we think you'd be wrong to dismiss the Lumia 520 so readily, and have picked out the main reasons why the Lumia 520 is still a great buy. Even after the unveiling of its successor.

One solitary difference

The Lumia 525 is almost an identical smartphone to its predecessor, with the only changes being that it comes pre-loaded with Windows Lumia Black, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and has twice as much RAM (512MB). 

But the Lumia 520 can be updated to Lumia Black which also enables Bluetooth 4.0 on the smartphone. Leaving the only difference being the two being that older smartphone has less RAM.

No Lumia 525 release date

We still don't have confirmation on when the Nokia Lumia 525 will be available. Nokia have revealed that the Windows smartphone will land in Singapore on December 14th.

Whereas, the Nokia Lumia 520 is widely available, so there is no risk that it won't arrive in time for Christmas.

Price difference

We still don't have confirmation of the price of the Lumia 525, but in Singapore it's priced at the equivalent of £122. However, we always have to pay that bit more so it's likely to retail somewhere around the £145 - which makes it significantly more expensive than the Lumia 520.

Currently, you can pickup the Lumia 520 on Three Pay As You Go for just £99.99. While, Amazon are also offering the SIM-free version of Nokia's mobile for just £99.99. At those prices you'd be very hard pressed to find a better smartphone.

It's still a great phone

The Nokia Lumia 520 isn't the best selling Lumia smartphone for no reason. It's 4 inch form-factor makes it comfortable to hold and extremely portable, it's got a vibrant and cheerful design and a decent mid-range specification. 


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