Sunday, 22 December 2013

A new BugSense client has arrived for WP8 devices

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It has been a good app year for Windows Phone users as well as for the developers who do hard work to develop apps for the users. As Christmas is about to come, Bug Sense a website for developers to troubleshoot the mobile apps, has got a mobile client called Bugsensitive. 
There is a requirement before you get started with Bugsensitive - you'll need a BugSense API. Once you've registered with the service and have the API token, you're good to go.

Bugsensitive itself acts just as you'd imagine. You fire up the app on your Windows Phone, enter your API token to sign in and all your projects will be displayed for access. From there you'll be able to see bug reports, insights and details to give you an idea as to where you've gone wrong and how you can work to reduce the number of issues in the app. Live Tiles are supported, displaying how many errors have been caught since you last ran the app. With yet another way to monitor published work, we're sure developers will dig the features and connectivity to BugSense.

If you have feedback for developers behind this app or you have some ideas for new features then you can contact them via, their Website or Twitter profile.

Meanwhile head to the store and Download this app.


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