Monday, 30 December 2013

Lumia 920 gets Jailbroken by Chinese hackers

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All of us might have heard the use of term “Jailbreak” a lot in case of iOS, Android is all the way more modifiable where as Windows Phone is known for its security features that are hard nut to crack for hackers.

Chinese security company Silenstd claims to have been notified of a jailbreak for the Nokia Lumia 920, and have posted the video as proof.

The hack by POANDSOUL is apparently with the main of creating a Cydia-like app store in WP platform and not to encourage piracy, but if true this is of course an inevitable consequence.

The hack apparently works via the micro-USB port, and does not require any physical modification to the device.


The instructions for the jailbreak has not been release yet, but the video does show several settings being changed on the Lumia 920, including the 3 column start screen, leaving little doubt it is real.

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