Tuesday, 24 December 2013

MoliPlayer releases a new update for WP8 users

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It is raining updates for Windows Phone users as the popular 3rd party video player, MoliPlayer released a major update today with some awesome features. Check the changelog after the break.
Windows Phone users had to wait too long for this app but now it is making a great impact. It is the best audio and video player for Windows Phone users. It has picked up some frequent updates. The latest update has brought some great features.
Now without wasting time let's head to the changelog and see what new comes with the latest update.

  • Playback and downloading of videos on the main-stream video websites.
  • Download manager of internet videos.
  • Pinch-zoom and pan of videos during playback (SW only).
  • Selecting embedded subtitles during playback
  • Fixed slow loading issue
  • Fixed charset setting issue for subtitles of certain languages
  • Fixed crash after standby for certain time with screen locked

If you’re looking for a VLC type of app on Windows Phone then Moliplayer Pro is the app for you. The latest update only improves what was a solid foundation. This update allows you to playback and download videos from various main-stream websites. Basically turning Moliplayer Pro into an app you never have to leave if you’re ready to consume some videos.

The update also contains a handful of other changes and fixes. For example, you can pinch to zoom and pan videos during playback.


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