Monday, 30 December 2013

(Nokia) Lumia Moneypenny to have 854x 480 screen resolution

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evLeaks today posted a new screenshot of the upcoming Lumia Moneypenny. According to @Nawzil68 the Moneypenny range of devices will include  the  Lumia 630 (Dual-SIM) and 635 (Single-SIM) and may not have the Nokia branding anymore.

Anyways, the screenshot by evLeaks (which is probably one of the 635 because it doesn’t sport two SIMs) shows another interesting feature: Since Asphalt 8 is pinned to the start screen it should be a 1 GB RAM device. Also with the new generation of processors it is also likely the device will have at least a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor (speculation only).

Since the resolution of the screenshot is 854×480 the virtual buttons on the bottom of the screen are not wasting any space; the resolution is being expanded so the buttons do not cut off parts of the regular screen.
I am personally not very excited about the device itself, but we have been surprised before by what turned out to be unlikely hits

So,What do you say?


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