Friday, 31 January 2014

Windows Phone 8.1 new screenshot leaked

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So as we have only 2 months remaining for Build 2014, new leaks are spreading over the internet for Windows Phone 8.1. The earlier leaks regarding Voice Assistance videos were fake and just concepts. But today we got a new screenshot leak from a trusted source in China. WPbar posted a screenshot showing separate volume controls for Ringtones, Messages, Media and Apps. Check the screenshot after a break.

The first slider is for ‘Ringer + notifications’ while the second slider is for ‘Media + apps’. Heading to the bottom, the left icon is a toggle for Silent mode, and then on the right we can find gear icon that takes you to the sound settings page. According to WPCental the screenshot is very accurate and user will receive this feature.
Windows Phone 8.1 is rumored to land in Build 2014 on 2nd April.


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