Friday, 28 February 2014

Facebook Shutting Down Its Messenger App on Windows

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Facebook quietly announced plans to shutter its Messenger app for Windows this week, informing individual users that the service will be unavailable in its current form starting on March 3. The company hasn’t offered an explanation for its decision, but confirmed the news to The Next Web earlier today.

Log into Facebook Messenger on Windows and you’ll likely see a message at the top of the app apologizing that the company “can no longer support” the app. “We really appreciate you using Messenger to reach your friends,” Facebook adds, noting that you can still use the service by heading to Facebook’s main website.

The news follows Facebook’s announcement earlier that a Messenger app will finally launch on Windows Phone in the next few weeks. It’s unclear if there’s any connection between these two announcements, but it seems possible the new messaging app could work on both Windows Phone and the full Windows OS. Either way, we’ll likely learn more early next month.

via: Technobuffalo


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