Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nokia Branded Phones to Live On Under Microsoft!

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There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the future of Nokia devices once the acquisition of D&S is complete. Apparently Microsoft have shared a bit of information regarding that, stating that the Lumia brand name would continue under Microsoft; more importantly for us Nokia fan boys is the fact the “Nokia D&S” will continue to make Nokia branded phones!
He confirmed that Lumia as a brand would continue under Microsoft, but refused to confirm whether the Nokia name would survive on phones too. But a Microsoft spokesperson has since told me that the handset division of Nokia will continue to make phones under Microsoft, phones with Nokia logos on.
It seems that either Microsoft aren’t completely sure what the plan is regarding the Nokia scheme, or are keeping it hush; but if the “Microsoft Spokesman” Cnet spoke to is believed, this isn’t really the end of “Nokia” phones.


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