Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nokia officially announces Treasure Tag accessory

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Finally, the much rumored accessory is announced today by Nokia for Lumia smartphones. The Treasure Tag accessory will use NFC and Bluetooth to work. The size of the accessory will be 30 x 30 x 10mm and will weight 13g. The accessory was first leaked by @evleaks last summer. A couple of weeks back Nokia released the official app for Treasure Tag accessory. You will be able to buy Treasure Tag accessory from April around the globe and it will cost $29.99. The accessory will follow the old rules of Nokia and will be available in funky colors like black, white, cyan and yellow so that you can match up with your Lumia device.

Don't know about Treasure Tag? Actually, Treasure Tag accessory just pairs up with either of your NFC or Bluetooth and you can attach it with your valuables like wallets, keys etc. Now, when you go beyond the range the accessory will start beeping. What if you didn't heard the beep. You can have a Treasure Tag Companion App which will locate your valuables on the Here Maps.

You can connect up to four Treasure Tags to one Windows Phone handset. If an item a Treasure Tag is attached to isn't going to be with you for the day you can deactivate it within the app. Alerts can be sent to the tag or your phone. You can toggle them within the app as well. Battery in them lasts for up to six months can be replaced with a standard coin cell battery.

In the meantime feel free to download the Treasure Tag companion app and wait for the actual accessory to hit the stores.

We are very excited to try this new innovation. Who all are looking forward to get it. Let us know in the comments.


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