Friday, 14 February 2014

Nokia's social media sites turn Android green

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As the clock stuck midnight around the globe, Nokia's media sites started
to turn green suggesting that new device might be on the way. Nokia is running a teaser image on their Snapchat ID suggesting that they will be launching the dual SIM Lumia 630 and another handset, which given the green colour could very well be the Nokia Normandy. You can find the Snapchat image on the right side. With the green campaign however we may very well see the opposite, with Nokia making rather a big deal of the handset running Kitkat, despite not having access to Google Play and Google’s services.
For those outside USA the last 3 numbers are easy to decipher – it is clearly the 14th February 2014.
The first  4 numbers are less so, with the leading suggestion being that it may represent two new handsets, the 630 and 870.
The Nokia Lumia 630 is of course Nokia’s Dual-SIM handset leaked earlier, but there has so far been no rumoured 870 (but maybe this is what the Nokia Normandy will be designated as, or the high end Nokia Goldfinger).


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