Sunday, 16 March 2014

All apps now marked as Windows Phone 8.1 compliant

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imageMicrosoft has still not announced the name of their next major Windows Phone update, but it better be called Windows Phone 8.1, else there is a whole lot of documentation they will have to change.
The latest place where this has shown up is in the Windows Phone Store.  We saw a few days ago that apps were briefly marked as working with Windows Phone 8.1, but now, since last night, all apps have been marked as such.
We expect the OS to be formally announced on the 2nd April at BUILD 2014, but rarely has an operating system been leaked so extensively, short of actually being released in the wild, and what we have seen already leaves us pretty excited.
The updated operating system is expected to first show up on a new generation of Windows Phones such as the Nokia Lumia 630 and hopefully the Nokia Lumia 930, and then will eventually be pushed out as an update to all Windows Phone 8 handsets.
Source: wmpoweruser


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