Saturday, 22 March 2014

App Update Roundup: Nokia apps and many more

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It has been a busy day for Nokia, as they are pushing updates for their apps on the Windows Store. Nokia Chat, Storyteller and a couple of more apps get new updates. After Microsoft, now Nokia also hints the release of Windows Phone 8.1 in coming weeks. After Nokia some more developers have pushed new updates for their apps. So, now let's talk about what is new in the latest updates.

Nokia Storyteller Beta:

Announced back in Nokia World, Storyteller is an awesome app to organize your photos according to date and location of the photos.  The app sorts your photos based off of information within them, including geolocation, time, date and more. You can then add ‘stories’ to your photos and get a bird’s eye view of your memories. No word on what’s new with today’s app, so we’ll leave it to those who use it every day to chime in if they find anything.

Grab Storyteller Beta here in the Collection 

Nokia Chat Beta:

Next in the line of Nokia update comes the Nokia Chat Beta app. Based off of Yahoo! Messenger, Nokia’s Chat Beta app is not quite as popular or useful as WhatsApp, but for those who use it, it’s fairly solid and clean in design. Today, version 1.5.8 went live in the Store. Unfortunately, there’s no changelog, so we’re guessing some bug fixes and optimizations, possibly for 8.1 in a few weeks.

Download Chat Beta here in the Nokia Collection.

Nokia Glance:

Now comes the favorite of all. The app which grabbed the attention of almost every blogger. Wait for a minute, we will also explain the reason for this attention on the app. Everyone’s favorite feature on their Lumia (except Lumia Icon owners or those with a Lumia 520) gets updated today. Glance version is now live in the Store. Now, stop guessing. The reason for attention was that the change log of the app mentioned, "Support for Windows Phone 8.1"(Yes you are reading right). After Microsoft, Nokia is hinting the revealing of Windows Phone 8.1 in coming weeks and also it might bring something new to the Glance app. Sorry Lumia 520 and Lumia Icon users, still no glance support.

After Nokia, we also have a couple of apps pushing out new updates for the users. Check the list below.

Instagram Beta:

One of the biggest, rather the biggest photo sharing website, Instagram has released another update for Windows Phone users. The new update addresses some more crashes and bug fixes but Unfortunately it still does not bring the much desired video features many are waiting for, but I suspect we will need some API changes in Windows Phone before this will become available.

For now grab the app from  Windows Phone Store here.


The popular cross-platform photo photo sharing app ‘Molome‘ for Windows Phone finally moves out of beta with latest release 4.0.2. The update brings couple of  improvements and fixes to the app, check out the changelog after break.

New in this update:

  • Say goodbye to Beta
  • Enlarge photo to fit the screen and remove the border for better user experience
  • New icon to fit the Windows Phone best
  • Mission type added: Follow Instagram
  • Fix sticker bug on Windows Phone 7


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