Wednesday, 19 March 2014

App Update Roundup

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It is Wednesday morning and we have a list of apps getting new updates. Many of us are enjoying festivals in last two days, but developers are busy pushing new updates of the apps. Today we'll be looking at a number of apps, which have been bumped to new versions to include new functionality and bug fixes. Grab a hot (or cold) beverage, get comfortable and join us past the break for the run through.


Developed by Rudy, this is the popular unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone. The latest version has added one of the most requested feature. Check the changelog after the break.

New in v2.9:

  • Prevent user from sending snaps to everybody
  • Screenshot support
To take a screenshot in the latest version of 6snap you have to press the camera button when viewing a snap. The good thing is that the sender will be notified that you took a screenshot.

Instagram Beta:

The beta version of popular Instagram app was launched for Windows Phone back in late November. Since then it picked up a number of updates to bringin new features and fixes. Today we’re looking at version 0.4.1 in the Windows Phone Store which finally adds Lock screen support to the popular photo sharing app.

What’s New:

You can now select home feed or my feed to populate in your lockscreen. The home feed will show the newer photos from everyone you follow on Instagram. While my feed will focus on your own photos.

Maxthon Browser:

There are a few alternative web browsers available for Windows Phone and Maxthon is a popular solution. We've previously looked at the Maxthon Browser and how it provides a speedy experience. The developers have released version, which includes the following additions:

  • Adjust your Quick Access tiles and move them around to access your favorite websites in just one click
  • Re-load a web page as often as needed with a new refresh/stop function
  • Open pages in new tabs when typing url


Using social networks like Twitter or Instagram, you may wish to be alerted to folk who severe their connection with you by hitting the "unfollow" button. Luckily, UnfollowSpy is here to help you stalk your stalkers and know who has decided to stop receiving your content. 

Here is what's new in version 2.1.1:

  • Splash screen added
  • Redesigned settings page
  • "Refresh mode" setting added
  • Bug fixes


The Windows Phone developer community produce excellent third-party apps for services that haven't quite got their act together when it comes to platform support. 2flicka is an unofficial client for Flickr, which has been bumped numerous times to include new functionality.

Version 1.7 for 2flicka is a rather minor update, bringing the following changes to Windows Phone:

  • Unified UX to be more consistent throughout the app
  • Improved hi-res photo viewer

This was the list of apps receiving big updates. We have a list of apps getting minor bug fixes also. Head below to check that list too.
  • didlr
  • Subway Surfers(Still no 512 MB support)
  • myAppFree
  • Nokia Treasure Tag
  • Nokia Audio
  • UC Browser
  • Permia Duels
  • MetroMail
  • Disqus


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