Friday, 28 March 2014

Forget Lumia Blue, Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink will be the next update

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As 2nd April is getting closer, we are seeing new leaks. Yesterday, we informed you about a new handset for Nokia codenamed "Monarch". Today, a new leak from China reveals a new name for Windows Phone 8.1. The handset seems to be Lumia 630 in China, indicating that the next version may be called Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink.
The screen shots are in Chinese, so it is difficult to see what’s new and different. We are try to translate them.
They do however give a good look at the start screen backgrounds, and truth be told they do not look too bad, depending on the background picture.
Check the pics posted by Sina after the break.

Can any of our Chinese readers translate them for us? Do let us know in the comments.



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