Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Magnify BETA gets a major update

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My day was started by an E-Mail from the developer of Magnify BETA acknowledging the new update is now live on store. I was testing the private beta from last few days. Today, the update went live on the store. Magnify BETA was out of news for some time and last time we posted about it in January when it got a update. Today's update is rather a massive one, as it improved many things and added new features in the app. The app has become more smooth and work more efficiently. 
For those who are not familiar with this app, Magnify BETA is a beautiful and elegant RSS Feeds reader. It packs some of the very beautiful features. Designed on the metro live tiles format, it gives the same user experience as we get on our start screen. The app is highly recommended for all the users and the best part of the app is, that it is free of cost with no ads. The app is currently in BETA state so you may find some bugs(I never found any bugs, though I use it daily). The app is today bumped to v3.0.7.0. Check the full change log after the break.

New in this update:

  • Added ability to fetch full articles.
  • Reduced duration needed to update feeds.
  • Unread count for Live Tiles can be turned off.
  • Changed color of hyperlinks for better readability in dark theme.
  • Changed background color of unloaded images for dark theme.
  • Added ability to save article images to phone.
  • Added ability to hide articles marked as read under settings.
  • Added Help, About and What's New pages in settings.
  • Added ability to stop auto-scrolling in parallax scrolling by touching anywhere on the screen.
  • Diacritic characters show up properly.
  • Manual app reset removes all the previously pinned Live Tiles.
The app is free with no ads. You can grab the new update from Windows Phone Store Here.


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