Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nokia Lumia 920 melted down: Windows Phone Disaster

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We have known Nokia as an Indestructible brand, whether it is small and big drops or getting hit by something, it has always tackled it well. The latest chapter in Windows Phone stories comes from Windows Phone Central member abel920 who connected his loyal Nokia Lumia 920 to the micro USB charger before going to bed. A few hours later he woke up and the whole room smelt like burning wires. He thought someone was toasting a bread or something downstairs at the kitchen. So he ignored it, and then rolled on to other side and screamed when he felt something burned his hand. It was the phone. The charging port had burned and melted. The phone was out of warranty. He also said that he had opened the phone to change the shell and the pics posted by him suggests that the charger might be an unofficial one and not the Nokia's original charger. Whatever might be the reason, we recommend all our readers that use only Nokia's original accessories, do not open the device and don't over charge the device. This is especially for the Nokia Lumia 920 users as because of the build in Qi Wireless Charging the device produces more heat. Now this has raised a new topic for discussion, i.e "Is Qi Charging a safe technology?"
While this Lumia 920 has seen better days, it makes us wonder, what other Windows Phone horror stories are out there. In addition, if your Nokia Lumia has crashed and burned, how responsive has Nokia’s Care Centers been? The few times we have used them, you couldn’t ask for a better response.
Feel free to share your views in the comments and check the images after a break.

Source: WPC Forums


Sanjog Goraya said... 19 March 2014 at 21:36

:/ it made me sad ..


Yes it mad every Nokia Fanboy sad.

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