Sunday, 16 March 2014

Samsung ATIV SE leaks on the internet

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As we get closer to the official unveiling of Windows Phone 8.1 we’ll start to see more and more handsets with the updated OS leak. We’ve seen a few from Nokia and an offering from Samsung. We’ve recently seen Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 630/635 (aka “Moneypenny”). Now today, we’re looking at some images of the Samsung ATIV SE. An upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 handset slated for Verizon later this year. This device is named Samsung Ativ SE and as the name suggests it will be the successor to the Ativ S device. This device seems to different from the previously leaked Samsung SM-W750V device which was supposed to run Windows Phone 8.1. Samsung SM-W750V won’t have hardware buttons as this Ativ SE.
Specs. We’ve had a hard time nailing down the specs for this device, but this is what we know so far. We’re expecting a 1080p display, but the screen size is either at 4.3-inches or 5-inches. Though we’re leaning towards 5-inches now that we’ve seen the screenshot above. A recent visit to the FCC showed off cellular bands for Verizon here in the United States. That’s pretty obvious now with the gigantic Verizon logo on the front of the ATIV SE.
The last question that we have is, are you going to hold a Windows Phone other than Nokia. Post your comments below.

Source: @evleaks


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