Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Subway Surfers receives another monthly Update

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One of the most popular endless runner, Subway Surfers got another update and heads to ancient city of Rome for another 4 weeks of fun. Players can now run through the subways of Rome, and access a new local racer, Roberto. There are also weekly egg hunts with unique rewards, plus a new unlockable costume for Zoe and a new Kick-off board to earn. To top things off, there’s a fresh series of Spray Can Awards for rising to particularly tricky challenges.
Subway Surfers has had a wide range of new locales added to their roster recently, with new racers to go along with each release, and it’s great to get one more. For those that aren’t familiar, Subway Surfers has players running from the law as some troublesome kid. Swipe left, right, up and down to avoid obstacles and collect coins along the way, but things get pretty tricky the longer you go.
Unfortunately, no 512 MB support again. I just checked it on my Lumia 520. For users with 1 GB RAM, head to the Windows Phone Store and give it a try. See you in Rome. ;)


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