Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Joe Belfiore details the current status of new apps, animated lock screen and more on twitter

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Today we say an update for Xbox Music. Joe Belfiore confirmed on Twitter the official change log of the update. So, why are we writing this? Actually with this Joe tweeted the current status of new updates of apps like Skype and Facebook. Also he thanked all the devs who have used Windows Phone 8.1 APIs to make their apps compatible with the new OS. Also he confirmed that the new animated lockscreen is coming soon as a Beta. The new OS is also almost ready and will be rolling out soon. Below are some of his important tweets so be sure to check them out.

So finally we will be getting the new social apps. Do note that he says a couple of new apps. Wait for a few moments before you guess the apps and move to the next tweet which maybe a little disappointing for many of our readers.

Yes, you read right. The new animated lockscreen app will not come to 512 MB devices anytime soon. The Beta for 1 GB RAM devices will be out soon. Disappointed with this? Move to the next tweet. It may give you some relief.

Again the same answer, 512 MB RAM devices won't have enough memory to support animated lockscreen. He says that it will come for low end devices with 512 MB RAM but it will take time. But if you remember the Build event then you must have noticed that the Lumia 520 running on Windows Phone 8.1 had the animated lockscreen so we can be sure that it will come but may take time.

Last tweet in our bag for today. Joe has stated that the OS is almost ready for public release and the final polish is going on. This may signal that the OS will hit the Microsoft servers by the end of this month. 
These were the important tweets from Joe. You can see all the tweets on his twitter handle (@joebelfiore).
The last mention from him suggests that he might reveal more info tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates.

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