Sunday, 15 June 2014

Microsoft Talks About The Future Of Cortana

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Last couple of days, there were lots of speculation and confusion around whether Microsoft will/should bring Cortana on non-Windows devices. Marcus Ash, Group program manager responsible for Cortana on Windows Phone explained it all in a series of Tweets. He confirmed that Microsoft is focused on bringing Cortana to many other countries on Windows Phone and after that they might bring it to Windows on PCs. And also he confirmed that there is no plans to bring Cortana to Android or iOS platforms. Read his tweets below.

  • Our top priority is to make Cortana great for  customers. Get her out to more countries, continuing to push innovation.
  • Real plan is about  on . Make it so good that customers get everyone they know on .
  • Showcase experience will always be on . No controversy or debate.
  • After we execute on #1 – #3, we have started to THINK about  on so more  customers experience her.
  • In a future state, the best experience will still be for  customers that own all  devices. Best work is on our devices.
  • Only after we execute on #1 – #5 do we consider  anywhere other than Windows devices which are only thoughts/questions, no plans.
  • Being a challenger in mobile requires us to consider ideas to breakthrough, including leveraging the broadest set of  customers
  • Words are nice, only actions matter. Next 4 months of  on will show that we are dead serious about #1 – #3.
  • These are future questions/thoughts, the present reality is making  amazing for our current and new customers.
Source: Twitter (@marcusash), Via: WPCentral


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