Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Microsoft updates a suite of system apps with mysterious improvements

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Microsoft Mobile (previously the hardware division at Nokia) has released new versions for a number of system apps available for Lumia Windows Phones. Extras + Info and Call + SMS Filter are joined by Display and Device Hub, each receiving a new version with unknown changes due to the lack of up-to-date changelogs.
The Extras + Info store listing (now on version states that more minor improvements have been implemented, but this changelog has been present for some time. Still, we'll put this latest version down to yet more bug fixing taking place.
As for Call + SMS Filter, again we're not too sure what has been included in this update. The changelog is for an older release, but we'd imagine the same fits for what's added in the latest version, which is currently on As well as these two system apps, both Device Hub and Display have also been bumped to a new version, again with unknown changes (versions and respectively).
Find the app links below:


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