Tuesday, 29 July 2014

AdDuplex founder Alan Mendelevich teases HTC device for Verizon

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We are seeing many leaks of the HTC One M8 which will be coming with the latest Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box. Engadget has reported that the name of the phone is called "One (M8) for Windows," which is a little awkward, although if you drop the M8 it has a nice ring to it.
Engadget reports that they phone should launch by on "Verizon during the third quarter, or no later than the end of September" although our sources tell us that Microsoft Stores have a planning date of August 20 with a launch on the 21st. The off-contract, full price of the phone is listed at $610 with on-contract price most likely nearing $199.
After these details, Alan Mendelevich teases that he has seen many phones with codename "HTC6995LVW" and it might be the HTC device for Verizon. No details have been leaked on the international version of the device.
So, what do our readers think on this? Will you be picking a HTC device running on Windows Phone OS? Sound off below.

NOTE: The image shown above is just a mock up image of Android version of HTC One M8. Original device may differ.


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