Tuesday, 8 July 2014

BBM Beta pops on the Windows Phone Store but you can't download it

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As announced earlier, Blackberry is bringing its messaging app to Windows Phone and not surprisingly it has popped on the Windows Phone store under the publisher name "BlackBerry Limited".

With that introduction, it should not be surprising to find the private beta of the app hiding out on the Store under the BlackBerry Limited publishing name. However, like all good things, you cannot download it yet. Private beta means you have to be on the tester list, and that involves using your Microsoft Account ID. As a result, you can look at the app on the Store, but you can not download.
WPCentral confirmed that the app is legit one and Blackberry is soon going to give all the info on this and maybe will ask Windows Phone users to join the Beta App. Whatever happens we just hope that all this goes right and we get the official BBM messenger.


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