Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Nokia Lumia phones will receive the Cyan update starting today

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Finally the day has came. Nokia has posted details on their very own Conversations Blog that the roll out of Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan will began from today for all the existing Lumia devices running on Windows Phone 8 OS. The latest OS was announced back in build 2014 and is coming out of the box in two of the Lumia devices, Lumia 630 and Lumia 930. The roll out will began from today and will continue till August. The update will bring a big list of new and great features to Windows Phone and we will be detailing them below.

  • Action Center, is the key to all your settings and with one swipe, acts as a mini dashboard to make your Lumia experience even faster. You can customize your settings and app notifications as well as change settings such as Wi-Fi and Flight mode. And yes, you can still make changes even when your phone is locked or if you’re using a third-party app.
  •  Cortana is the virtual assistant built around you. She tracks what you care about, helps you become more productive, and even gets better at her job the more she learns about you. She is also pretty good at football predictions. 
  • Wi-Fi Sense automatically connects your Lumia to free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world and even takes care of the annoying part of putting in your details for you.
  •  Word Flow, the most intuitive smartphone keyboard out there. Just glide your finger over the letters on the screen and your Lumia will do the rest. Word Flow will also correct words as you “type” and predict your most frequently used expressions. It’s lightning fast.
  • The updated native Calendar tracks not just your appointments, but also the weather, so you know when to bring an umbrella or a jacket in case of inclement conditions.
  • There are also several new enterprise features you should know about. With Windows Phone 8.1, you can send digitally signed and encrypted emails to people outside your company (S/MIME), and you can set your Lumia to automatically access your company’s virtual private network (VPN).
So here was a quick look at the features of the new OS. Note, Cortana is only available in US but you can get her in any part of the world by a simple trick. Check the trick Here. Also we are making you one thing clear here is that all the Windows Phone 8 devices can be updated to Windows Phone 8.1 and the users with Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Preview can also get the official update by Checking for Updates in Settings.
Happy Updating!

Source: Conversation Blog; Thanks to Toine for the heads up.


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