Saturday, 26 July 2014

Review: First look at 1Mail Mailing Client for Windows Phone

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When it comes to Mailing Clients then we find shortage of them on Windows Phone. We have a few Mailing Clients which a useful than the stock inbox on Windows Phone. Today, we are getting our hands on a beautiful Client which is under development for Windows Phone. The app is still in Beta state and supports only Gmail now but it is worth to look at. So let's head down and take a brief look at 1Mail for Windows Phone.
As said above the app is a Mail Client and supports Gmail at the current time. The app is based on the Windows Phone interface and uses various gestures (Trust me, I felt in love with how neatly the gesture are placed in the app). The app has various lanes (Folders) which sorts the Emails. You can also add multiple accounts (Currently only Gmail supported) and manage them. Being in Beta state, the app lags a bit but it is tolerable. The design of the app is something to fell in love with. You can customize the app by selecting the lanes (Folders), you want to see. Also, you can define the colors of different lanes. The app also supports lockscreen and transparent live tiles for the best experience.
This was a quick review of the new app for Windows Phone. We hope to see more services added to it soon. Check the store description below:

Fly through your email with 1Mail.  This redesigned inbox is light, fast and mobile-friendly.  Organize your messages across customizable lanes, and we’ll provide the intelligent previews.  Easily stay on top of your inbox using swipe gestures to archive or delete.  Navigating lanes and emails has never been simpler, just swipe from the bevel.
* Full support for Gmail (other providers coming)
* Multiple accounts with single click to switch
* Pinnable accounts with live tile updates
* Intuitive navigation paradigm, swipe along the bevel to switch lanes and read through emails
* Lane support (we provide defaults, however give you the power to customize adding label-backed lanes or providing advanced IMAP filters)
* Lane look and feel (change the color, order, and headers)
* Unlimited scrolling for each lane
* Message sender profile pictures, and intelligent email thumbnail previews
* Support for managing threads
* Search support for local stored and online messages
* New email experience, leveraging your contacts
* Share integration to easily send content
Find the screenshots after the break:

Liked the app? You can download the Beta from Windows Phone Store Here


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