Sunday, 17 August 2014

Cortana T-Shirts celebrates its arrival in India (Fan Made)

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When Cortana arrived in USA Microsoft celebrated by selling Cortana branded T-shirts. The T-Shirts were exclusive to USA hence prevented people from other parts of the world to purchase it. The cost of the T-Shirts was also high making it unavailable to many people.
Finally, now Cortana arrived to India as a Alpha and so are the Cortana T-Shirts. Windows Phone fan club Windows Phone India has done the same, selling a high quality version for only 399 INR ($6.50).
The stocks are limited and orders closes on 22nd August so make sure you grab your Tee before time runs out. According to the site 73 orders have already been placed (And I am one of them) out of 100.
Who all are going to give these high quality Tees a spin? Let us know below.

You can order the T-Shirts Here


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