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Lumia 830 leaks with real pics and certification in Brazil exposing all

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The Lumia 830 will be the next high end Lumia device from Microsoft.  The device is seen in alleged photos a few weeks ago, along with various bits of information including unique releases for US carriers and a global launch.

Now, the Lumia 830, complete with 'Microsoft Mobile' internal branding, gets caught passing through Brazil's Anatel certification (analogous to the FCC in the US). The phone is all but official now, and so far, it looks to be one interesting phone.
The Lumia 830 measures in at 139.4 mm x 70.7 mm x 8.5 mm, making it relatively thin compared to previous Lumia designs. From the images, we can also see the micro USB charging port is back on top again, near the headphone jack.

The model name is RM-985, though Lumia 830 is confirmed as the commercial release name.

A removal back cover, replaceable battery, and micro SD card are also visible in the accompanying manual.
Unfortunately, since Anatel is like the FCC, the documents do not reveal exact specifications, although there are a few other tidbits gleaned from the photos:

  • The Lumia 1020-like camera housing is present, suggesting the PureView camera rumor is accurate
  • 'Microsoft Mobile' for the first time is seen on the phone label for Anatel/FCC certification; the phone is still branded 'Nokia' though on the front and presumably for marketing
  • The Lumia 830 has a dedicated camera button
  • The Nav bar is hardware based capacitive, not software or on-screen
  • The Lumia 830 obviously has LTE/4G
Rumored specs of the Lumia 830 include a 4.5 to 4.7 inch display that is at least 720P, though 1080P cannot be ruled out. A Snapdragon 800 or 801 is also likely, although the exact processor speed and on board memory are unknown, possibly dependent on carrier choices.

In the US, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all expected to get either the Lumia 830 or some variation. The Lumia 830 may be revealed on September 4 when Microsoft is holds a press event in Berlin pre-IFA, signaling a global launch soon-thereafter. The Lumia 730 is likely to make an appearance in Berlin too.

WPCentral shared a couple of pics too of the device which look real. See them below.

Does the device look promising to you? Who all are interested in picking it up? Let us know below.

Source: WPCentral


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