Tuesday, 19 August 2014

ProShot goes free in partnership with myAppFree

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We hope that being a Windows Phone user, you know about the app we are talking about today. The app is ProShot that got free in partnership with myAppFree. "ProShot", one of the most revolutionary app for Windows Phone that uses the Camera hardware upto its total extent. This app has got 5 Star Rating and a good Review on the Windows Phone Store.
This is a paid app usually, and now it is FREE (in partnnership up with myappfree), for a LIMITED TIME. ...
What you can do with this app?
  • Adjust:
-Shutter Speed
-White Balance
-Exposure Compensation
-Aspect Ratio
-AF Assist Lamp
  • Drive modes include:
-Burst Shot (up to 5 FPS)
-Intervalometer (for timelapse)
  • Display features include
-Grid Lines
-3D Level Gauge
-Full HD photo browsing
-EXIF viewer

Re-think what's possible with a cell phone. Leave the heavy DSLR in the studio. ProShot's got your back.


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