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Review: Match It !, yet another challenging game for Windows Phone [Sponsored]

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Windows Phone Store has seen a lot of new and amazing games in last couple of months. It is now impossible to track each and every app & game that joins the store. Today we are looking at an amazing game. By amazing we meant not only a great game but a challenging one too. Here's is our review of Match It !, an awesome game for Windows Phone Users.
Match It is a relatively new gaming title that hopes to fall into the 'fun way to pass the time' category. The game tests your reflexes and speed by requiring you to tap the screen as two balls that change color match.
The game has a very decent and simple menu which is quite easy to understand. The main menu has options to view the tutorial, play the game, view your best score and check in on the online leaderboard. You also have a mute button in the upper right corner. The tutorial does a decent job of covering game play and the various game modes.

The game play is simple but challenging enough to avoid being too easy. You have two colored balls that bounce around the gaming screen changing colors. When the two ball's color matches, you have to tap the screen as quickly as possible before the colors change and no longer match.
As you progress with Match It, the conditions of the game can change. You can randomly go from a single tap to double-tap to score points as well as a flashing screen or random vibration to serve as a distraction.
Once you tap on a mismatched pair of colors, the game ends and you have the options to enter a player name and submit your score to the online leaderboard, retry the game or share your score via social networks.
Another feature we missed on top was, the main menu is an annoying full-page ad that pops-up from time to time. I can understand the important of ad-support. It helps the developer earn a little revenue while keeping the game a free title. But the ads should not overwhelm the gaming experience.
All in all, I won't say that Match It is a bust but some may see it as too simple of a game needing a little more sip to keep them coming back for more. Available for low-memory devices, Match It has potential and worth trying.

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PS- The developer is running a giveway on this app. You can earn $10 voucher by just scoring 3,000 points (Trust me it is not easy to do).


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