Friday, 26 September 2014

Appy Weather gets a nice Live Tiles touchup update

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Appy Weather is something unique for Windows Phone that needs no introduction. The weather app has a minimalistic appearance and delivers a decent amount of forecast information to your Windows Phone. Along with a simple interface and weather alerts, Appy Weather delivers the forecast information in a traditional sense but also in a practical sense. The app is recently updated to version 1.1 that includes a host of changes to the Live Tile settings and a few layout tweaks.
The change log for version 1.1 of App Weather includes the following changes to the Windows Phone app.

  • Added new "Now only (minimal)" and "Now + Today" live tile options for the wide front tile.
  • Slightly increased temperature size on the "Now only" wide live tile.
  • Streamlined text on "Now only" wide live tile when the weather is mostly cloudy.
  • Added setting to use bigger icons on live tile's regular tile size (by hiding 'Tomorrow' column on back tile).
  • Regular live tile's front side will now display your location's name.
  • Later column in all live tiles will now always cover the entire remainder of the day (previously it covered the next 12 hours).
  • Added setting to hide today's weather from the Next 7 Days chart (now hidden by default, and so if you want to bring it back must go into Settings to do so).
  • Fixed issue when changing themes where the icon colors would sometimes not immediately update.
Additionally, if you were using the app before this update and your trial has expired then the developer has reset the trial database. This will allow everyone to give the updated version a try to see if the changes are enough to knock you off the fence.

Download Here(Trial/$3.99, 512 MB Supported)


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