Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Microsoft details the new features of Cortana

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What's new in Cortana? Microsoft has just detailed a few changes and additions they've recently made to your favorite digital assistant. We've already covered a few of them, like the new NFL game predictions, but it's nice to see Microsoft give Cortana a "changelog" of sorts.

What's new in Cortana:

  • NFL predictions
  • Dictionary
  • Health and fitness
  • New interests in Cortana's Notebook
  • Do more with apps
  • Say what?

Cortana can now predict the outcome of NFL games. Here's how you can trigger the response: "Who will win the [team name] versus [team name] game?" Or, just ask about your favorite team and say, "Who will win the [team name] game?"
We also recently detailed how Cortana is now a dictionary. All you need to do is say something to Cortana like, "Define nudiustertian."
You can also ask Cortana fitness related questions and get answer that open up the Bing Health & Fitness app. A nifty trick if you're getting into shape.
The ability to 'do more with apps' is Microsoft highlighting voice interaction with a few apps. For example, the ability to ask "Facebook, what's up with Todd?". And 'say what?' is Microsoft pointing out a few of the cool chitchat sayings that have been added, like "Do an impression".

What's your favorite thing to do with Cortana?

Via: WPCentral


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