Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Zomato for Windows Phone Updated to v6.0

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Zoomato for Windows Phone has just been updated. The latest version brings a big round of changes to app. Head to the Windows Phone Store and you will find v6.0 ready to be updated. The new update has lots of new features including a new logo, ability to check-in at restaurants, friends tagging and more. 

Head below to find all the new features in the app and be sure to download and try it.
New in this version:

  • A lovingly crafted new logo. It represents the spirit of Zomato and celebrates the thing that connects our vast global community – our love of food.
  • Check-ins at restaurants. Now, you can check into restaurants you’re eating at to easily access more useful information about the place. You can also tag friends you’re eating or drinking with!
  • Friend tagging. You can now tag your fellow foodies in reviews, comments, and photo captions.
  • Easy-to-browse Bookmarks. Your Wishlist and Speeddial have now been neatly combined into Bookmarks; no multiple lists to worry about.
  • Your Food Journey. All your photos, review, and check-ins are now on a timeline that lets you track your food journey – from the day you signed up on Zomato, right up to this very moment.
  • Local Experts. Some folks just know their city better than others. Earn Expertise by documenting your culinary exploits in various neighborhoods.
  • Design improvements. Our design team’s had a lot of fun with this update. You can now enjoy a smarter search bar, cleaner search result and restaurant pages, filters that require fewer taps to access and apply, a sleeker photo viewer, and a few little treats hidden from plain sight. Tweet at us if you find them ;)
  • A lighter, cleaner Zomato experience. This is one diet program our app’s taken seriously. It’s shed a ton of weight, runs faster, has lighter icons, softer colours, and cleaner fonts that’ll have you spending a lot more time on it. Don’t say we didn't warn you :)

This app is much recommended for the foodies. Give the app a spin and let us know your feedback to the latest update.  Download it now from the Windows Phone Store Here.


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