Friday, 14 November 2014

Microsoft confirms updating all the WP8 devices to Windows Phone 10 in coming months

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We have already seen many rumors about the update of Windows Phone 8 devices to Windows Phone 10, but now we have something really solid to prove the point. Answering to @_Y06_ on Twitter, Microsoft confirmed that all the current Windows Phone 8 devices will be upgradable to Windows Phone 10 in coming months.
We should caution that technically speaking, Microsoft's Twitter account is not necessarily their press channel, but it is rather official. Still, we are currently not aware of any technological limitations as to why current phones could not be updated, reaffirming the @Lumia tweet.
Of course its not official until it happens, and we must remember previous supposedly official tweets saying Windows Phone 7 handsets will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8, but so far we are pretty confident this prediction will come true.


Hopefully T-Mobile won't be as late to the party as they were with the 8.1 update to the Nokia Lumia 925.


We wish the same :)

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