Saturday, 22 November 2014

Microsoft Deploys Autonomous Security at its campus in Silicon Valley

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As we are marking this year as Internet of things, Microsoft took a step forward by deploying autonomous security robots at its campus in Silicon Valley. Microsoft has deployed a fleet of 5-feet-tall, 300-pound robots to protect its Silicon Valley campus. These robots includes 360 degree HD security cameras and sensors to monitor the surroundings. The K5 robots come from a California company called Knightscope. It packs lots of capabilities, for example, It can also read license plates and cross-reference them to see if they’re stolen.
 The purpose of the K5, like most robots, is straightforward: To replace expensive human workers. The K5 can run for around 24 hours on a single battery charge, automatically navigates back to the charging point when it’s running low, and only takes 15-20 minutes to recharge. Obviously, in the long run, this is cheaper and more efficient than a human security guard — plus, as technology improves, the K5 will probably be more vigilant and capable of spotting smaller discrepancies than a human. In theory, because of the lower cost, you could also field lots of K5 robots, reducing the number of potential holes in security coverage.
Check the promo video by the company below.


What do you think about this move from Microsoft?

Via: Microsoft-News


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