Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Microsoft trolled by CNN Commentators for ignoring free Surface Pro 3 over iPads

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Microsoft's product placement for the Surface Pro 3 on CNN has taken a surprising turn for the worse. The company managed to score a deal with the broadcaster to have its laptop killers present on CNN's news show, but commentators appeared to be more interested in iPads concealed behind said Microsoft hardware.

There's no question that having the Surface Pro 3 on-stage makes the show look more professional, but we're sure this isn't what Microsoft had planned for its product placement.

This also isn't the first time Microsoft has had to deal with Surface Pro product placements going wrong. Similar marketing fail happened for Microsoft Surface team during NFL. Microsoft has signed a $400 million deal with NFL for various marketing activities. In fact, Microsoft is the “The Official Sideline Technology Sponsor of the NFL,” and the Surface is “the official tablet” of NFL. You could have even spotted Surface and Microsoft branding in sidelines during NFL games. Despite all these, a commentator was not aware of the fact that players were given a Surface Pro 2 devices to analyze their games instead of physical photos which they used all these years. The commentator mentioned it as “iPad like tool” when he was trying to mention Microsoft Surface.
Microsoft marketing team came to know about this and worked with commentators to avoid such mistakes. Microsoft has even coached few announcers on being better able to identify the devices. “That coaching will continue to ensure our partners are well equipped to discuss Surface when the camera pans to players using the device during games”, said Microsoft spokesperson. Microsoft is even encouraging teams to use the Surface tablets and they are working directly with teams “to make sure all players and coaches are comfortable using the device.

Image Credits: @Keshwar, @adamUCF, @_Melbourneer_; via: Geekwire 


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