Sunday, 9 November 2014

Nokia Conversation Blog gets renamed to Lumia Conversations

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As Microsoft is rolling out changes and taking down the Nokia name from everywhere, the latest change is the Conversations Blog. In the wake of Microsoft transferring its official Windows Phone Facebook and Twitter pages to the new Lumia branding, the company is also changed its official Conversation Blog as well, in favor of a new Microsoft Lumia.
Here are some Tidbits from the official announcement:
As part of the branding changes across our channels and consumer touch points, our social channels and the Conversations blog are moving homes and are getting a makeover, too.
The Conversations blog is now called Lumia Conversations and its new home is right here at You might have noticed that we’ve painted the walls #MoreColorful, and have changed a few bits here and there, but in essence, it’s the same blog you’ve all come to love and follow, run by the same people.
We’ll continue to bring you the latest news on all-things Lumia and how its innovative hardware and software is empowering us to do more and achieve more.
You can follow all the latest Lumia news via the brand new Microsoft Lumia channels on Facebook and Twitter. In these channels, you’ll find all the breaking news on Lumia devices, software updates, top apps, and more. And this is where we’ll post the latest Lumia Conversations stories too as we (@nokconv) have teamed up with @Lumia, as we plan to close the doors on @nokconv next week.
If you have been following our Connects advocacy program, you can continue to follow their stories here on Lumia Conversations as well as on their existing Twitter and Instagram handles.
For the latest videos of our Lumia products and services, head to our official Microsoft Lumia YouTube channel .
And when you’re in need of some help with your Lumia, contact our friends over at @LumiaHelp.
Microsoft will take down Nokia from everywhere as soon as possible. Spoiler Alert: First Hardware with Microsoft Lumia coming on 11th November.
Stay tuned with us for more. You can visit the new website Here.

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