Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Windows Phone Twitter and Facebook pages will be getting a new name this week

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Microsoft officially revealed that they will be changing Windows Phone to "Microsoft Lumia" as an effort to ditch Nokia from its name and eventually from its new smartphones. The Windows Phone Twitter and Facebook pages have made an official announcement today stating the change. The name change will roll out from 7th November, Friday.

The changes are all part of Microsoft's previously announced plans to focus on the Lumia brand for their smartphones. It also shows that the company is downplaying the Windows Phone branding as a whole, and that the company could in the future simply refer to the mobile version of its OS as "Windows" as part of a unified marketing effort across smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
Do you think Microsoft should ditch Windows Phone or should it keep the brand around?

Source: Conversations Blog; Via: Windows Phone Twitter & Facebook


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