Sunday, 1 February 2015

Team Viewer and Opera Mini Unpublished from Windows Phone store [Update: Another app VLC remote joins them]

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TeamViewer and Opera Mini are the latest apps after Chase and Bank of America to be removed from Windows Phone store! However the existing users will be able to continue using the app.
The reason for this step taken by the developers is still unknown.
Good News is that The TeamViewer twitter account has confirmed that "Teamviewer" will be back to the store soon.

Coming to Opera Mini Browser it had been my favourite since I had a Symbian phone. However in Windows Phone store it was in beta since its launch. In the meantime it had also received many improvement updates to make the app better and yesterday they surprised everyone by removing the app from store! However the official Opera website still shows this(see the pic below)

Another app VLC Remote now unpublished from store. It had been in the Windows Phone Store since 2012 and which has a 5 star rating lets users remote control their desktop VLC app.
It was also updated to support WP8.1. When searched in store it gave me this result (pic below)

We're not sure when these apps will be back in the store but we will keep you updated on this topic so Stay Tuned !


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