Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Selfie lover?? Then have a look at some of the best Photo Editors for your Windows Phone

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We all have an habit of editing our pictures before uploading them on social networking sites but with the number of photo editing apps increasing its very hard to decide which one to download.
So we thought of picking few of the best apps and review them for you.

These are the 4 best Photo-editing apps available for your Windows Phone.

 1) Adobe Photoshop Express (Free) :

  •  Photoshop express features varities of filters (free and paid) giving you an option  of choosing from over 40+ eye-catching filters.It has some amazing filters like Autumn, Haze etc.
  • One-touch adjustment for Brightness, Exposure and Shadows.
  • Slider controls for Exposure, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrance.
  • It also features Basic features like Crop, Straighten, Rotate, Remove red eye.
      This app is free but you can buy Premium filters. It is a Universal app.
      You can Download it for Phones from Here and for PC Here

 2) Camera 360 (Free) :

  • Created by the award winning developer It features professional photo editing tools like Manual Exposure and Focus.
  • It features amazing 80+ hand picked filters.
  • Best app for Lumia 1020 users as it supports photo capturing resolution of up to 38 megapixels.
  • It also has an Unique feature called Time Camera.
   Download it from Store Here

 3) Fantasia Painter (Free) :

    It's the best and most advanced photo editor for Windows Phones.
  • It features 32 unique brushes for those who loves to paint on their phones. Brushes like Fur (helps you Paint cute furry animals), Sketch, Fairy light, Rainbow and many more.
  • It has 100+ filters! Yes you heard it right.
  • Options like Beauty Reveal, Clone are really useful.
   Download it from Store Here

4) Camera 360 Sight (Free) :

This is my personal favorite(I took the screenshot while I was editing my photo) and its really easy to use. With the new update it got some cool features like :
  •  HDR mode.
  •  On-screen controls like the one we have in Lumia Camera.
  •  It features some really nice filters like "Time" and also has a set of filters named under "Selfie" for Selfie lovers.
     Also featured in New York Times as one of the best camera apps for WP.

      Download Camera 360 Sight from store here.

   Some other great apps are:

     * Pics Art

     * Creative Studio

     * Phototastic

If you use any other app for editing then let us know in the comments :)


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