Sunday, 2 March 2014

Images of Windows Phone 8.1 with custom backgrounds leaked

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Windows Blog Italia have posted some new Windows Phone 8.1 start screen pictures showing what the OS will look like with picture backgrounds. Unlike the rather garish first example we have seen, these ones look a whole lot better, mainly due to using a more appropriate and toned down image. There was some confusion about this feature – codenamed ‘shadowbox’ by Microsoft –with people believing that it was the background of the Start screen that would be skinned. As we cautioned in original report, that was close but not exactly how it will be.

Under Settings, users will indeed have an option to choose to a custom photo or image, which can then been used to ‘skin’ their Live Tiles. It actually works by making the Tiles transparent.  The effect is certainly interesting. This idea is by no means new, as users of the popular app Skinery Themes can attest. But Microsoft is essentially baking-in this feature for users as an option to customize the look of their phone. Users can also still just used the Accent colors, should they elect.

We are now getting curious about Windows Phone 8.1, but how do our readers feel about it. Let us know in the comments.

Source: WPC, The Verge


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