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App Update Roundup: WhatsApp, Endomondo Sports Tracker and many more

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It is just morning after the E3 2014 yesterday and we have a big list of apps receiving updates for Windows Phone. Whether you are a fan of games or a health conscious person, we have something for you today. Head past below for a list of apps receiving updates (Get something to eat too. This list is long :D).


The official Dailymotion app v2.0 was released in Windows Phone Store back in 2013. This app got updated to v3.0 today with updated clean design and improved user experience.

App Features:

• Watch popular videos in News, Music, Cinema, TV…
• Discover new amazing videos every day
• Search among more than 40 millions videos
• Follow the channels you like
• Access your own videos, playlists and favorites
• Find and browse all your favorite channels
• Enjoy a stunning fullscreen experience in High Definition
• Capture and upload your videos
• Share videos you like via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and SMS

The app is free and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here and is available for both WP7 and WP8.

Pixel Gun 3D:

Pixel Gun 3D is a Minecraft-inspired first-person shooter mobile game available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. While the game has proven to be fairly popular with consumers, those with hardware sporting just 52MB of RAM were left in the dark due to lack of support. 

Here's everything in the rather large version update:

  • New game modes: Deadly Games and Flag Capture
  • New map is available for action
  • New weapons takes available arsenal up to 90
  • New friends system to partner up with buddies more conveniently
  • 512MB RAM support.
Download Pixxel Gun 3D(free)


MusicConnect (previously SmartMusic) is an innovative OneDrive music / audio player that maintains a persistent connection so that long play times for a playlist will stay connected.

MusicConnect has been updated with several new features in version 1.2.8:
  • Combining two or more playlists together to create a current playlist.
  • Saving the current playlist to a permanent playlist, so if someone had made a playlist from a quick folder drilldown, they can save it. It is also useful for combining two playlists together in one, by using the combine playlist (available in the Choose Playlist view) feature to create a current playlist, and then saving the current playlist.
  • Ability to download a playlist to the phone to have an ‘Offline’ playlist.
  • Auto Sign In feature now allows you to skip the Profile page when entering the app. It only requires going to the Profile page if you have never signed in.
  • Click on a song in the Current Playlist will optionally make it the first song in the current playlist.
  • Can select an entire folder and any sub-folder by clicking on the folder in Folder view.
  • When creating or updating a permanent playlist, you can now use the search feature or folder drilldown.
  • User can use the Settings menu to have the buttons use the device Accent Color.
  • User can use the Settings menu to select a custom background (wallpaper) for all of the views. The app can download from a folder on OneDrive any picture to be used as a background. The best results would be to choose a background picture that matches the resolution of the phone, however, 480 x 800 works great in most cases.
  • User can use the Settings menu to reverse the color of the text and icons (useful for when using lighter or darker backgrounds).
Free full featured trial with advertising. Purchase price is $.99.


If you're a big fan of WhatsApp, you'll want to head into the Windows Phone Store to go grab version 2.11.504. Like the previous update, this one does not deliver any new features exactly, but rather gains "various enhancements and bug fixes". In other words, this is some cleanup after the big update a few weeks ago.
Indeed, we've heard a few of you complain about image attachments being of lower resolution and some other oddities, so hopefully this latest patch addresses those.
Let us know in comments if .504 fixed your problems, so others can benefit it as well. Grab WhatsApp 2.11.504 here from the Store

Endomondo Sports Tracker:

Endomondo is a popular running app for Windows Phone and other platforms. Heading to the Windows Phone Store, and we're eyeing a 9.1 release tonight and its banner feature is enabling Bluetooth heart rate belts. But there's a lot more to this update, which follows on the heels of the previous 9.0 refresh that came out in April.


  • Bluetooth heart rate belts support
  • Updated calorie calculation
  • Set your weight, height, age and gender in settings
  • Enhanced newsfeed (like, comment, send peptalks, view photos, mini map, open friends workout)
  • Set title and attach photos to your workout
  • Fixed autopause bug that would crash application after workout was stopped
  • Fixed manual workout sport selection bug
  • Other small fixes and improvements
Looking at some of the new features and improvements, and it is clear Endomondo is back in the game with Windows Phone. The ability to use Bluetooth 4.0 LE* is relatively new for Windows Phone developers, and we're big fans of using heart rate monitors while exercising. When combined with your age, weight, height and gender, heart-rate monitors can result in more accurate calorie counting, not to mention hitting 'target' levels when doing cardio.

*Reminder: If you're using Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers and Lumia device, Bluetooth 4.0 LE may be disabled until the Lumia Cyan update comes out.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger has been bumped to version to 5.0.1. If you know build numbers for software that 0.0.1 update should tell you this is a minor bug fix, with no new features.

Facebook Messenger hit 5.0 last Thursday, gaining Groups support and more in a fairly significant update. Much like WhatsApp though, after a major release comes the cleanup, patching little quirks and improving performance.

If you use Facebook Messenger, head to the Store now to grab 5.0.1, and maybe it'll address some issues you've been experiencing.

If you are not out with the above updates then we still have some more app updates. Head below and see that too.
  • Telegram Messenger Beta
  • Booklet
  • WhatsApp Beta
  • Tiles Shortcut
  • 8 Zip
  • Movie Maker 8.1


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