Monday, 9 June 2014

We want Bloggers

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As you all saw that we were off for sometime and that was due to the server failure and we apologize for this. We have now fixed all the problems and you will now see all the latest news from us. Thanks for being with us in our hard time. We really appreciate your patience.
Now, we have came to a point where we are growing and expanding everyday. We have decided to hire two new bloggers for our blog. Any of the interested users can Email me ( You need to send me an article written by you on any thing related to Windows Phone or Windows OS. Please make sure that you use your own words and DON'T COPY from other Blogs or Websites. We still use the blogger's server for hosting so be sure that you Mail us with your Gmail ID. We will choose two bloggers on the basis of your writing skills and we will also send you a questionnaire to solve (Trust me it will be easy).
What are you waiting for? Email us today and be a blogger to contribute us.


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