Sunday, 15 June 2014

MyDlink app for Windows Phone updated

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Dlink have updated their Windows Phone app with a couple of new features. The app allows users to stream content from their Dlink wireless cameras and also managed DLink routers.

New in version is:

  • Local/Remote mode
  • Camera SetupWizard
  • Push notification
  • Read more about the app after the break.

The app features:

  • View live video from your Cloud Camera,including a full-screen view.
  • Supports H.264 video streaming for smooth high-quality video (specific models only.)
  • Listen to audio from your camera’s microphone (audio-enabled modes only)
  • Save snapshots of your camera’s video to your phone.
  • View the online status of your Cloud Cameras and Cloud Routers
  • Remotely monitor and configure your Cloud Routers.
  • Access and view your camera’s video feed (without audio) through your NVR.
  • Support remote viewing period of five minutes in relay mode. Helpful 60seconds left countdown timer.
  • Touch and drag to move your view around for non-PT cameras. Pinch to zoom in/out.
  • Toggle camera’s view modes between Night mode,Day mode and Automatic mode.
  • After initial settings on the mydlink website,you can enable/disable motion/sound detection from the app for supported cameras.
  • You can talk back with 2-way audio support. (for DCS-942L)
  • SD Card Playback (for DCS-942L)

This app is compatible with the following models:

Cloud Cameras: DCS-930L,DCS-931L,DCS-932L,DCS-933L,DCS-942L,DCS-1100,DCS-1100L,DCS-1130,DCS-1130L,DCS-2132L,DCS-2310L,DCS-2332L,DCS-5010L,DCS-5020L,DCS-5211L,DCS-5222L,DCS-5230L,DCS-6010L,DCS-7010L.

Cloud Routers: DAP-1160L,DAP-1360L,DIR-140L,DIR-600L,DIR-600LW,DIR-601L,DIR-602L,DIR-605L,DIR-605LW,DIR-615LB1,DIR-619L,DIR-626L,DIR-636L,DIR-640L,DIR-645L,DIR-808L,DIR-810L,DIR-820L,DIR-826L,DIR-836L,DIR-840L,DIR-845L,DIR-850L,DIR-855L,DIR-860L,DIR-865L,DIR-868L,DIR-900L,DIR-905L,DIR-919L,DSL-2770L,DSL-2870B,DSL-2890AL



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