Sunday, 15 June 2014

Marcus Ash talks about Cortana on other platforms

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A video has now surfaced showing Microsoft’s Marcus Ash (Group Program Manager for Windows Phone) answering the question, and from his response we can gather it is not the first time the issue has been discussed by the Windows Phone team.
He explained that the number 1 priority was to provide an excellent experience on Windows Phone, to help sell handsets, but after this has been well bedded in, the second priority would be spreading Cortana to the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem.
After this however the question of going cross-platform did come up, and he notes that Microsoft needed to be where their customers were, and that by going cross-platform they could provide an advantage to their users who used multiple ecosystems.
Our readers will note that Google Now is not just available on Android handsets, but also iOS and even the desktop via Chrome.  Should Microsoft also aim for ubiquity, or at the very least availability on multiple platforms? Let us know below.

Via: WMPowerUser


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