Sunday, 14 December 2014

Having touch problems on Lumia 535, a fix is on the way

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Many Windows Phone users have reported that the new Lumia 535 has a serious touch issue making it almost unusable specially with multiple fingers.  Winphoneviet demonstrates the issue pretty convincingly, with the handset having issues tracking fingers accurately, especially when it comes to multi-touch.
This problem gets worst when a user uses the WordFlow or the Swype keyboard on Microsoft Lumia 535. Also from my personal experience, the touch has problem specially on the far downside of the screen near the navigation keys.
Fortunately Microsoft has said they are aware of the issue, and are planning a software update to address it. Check the video by Winphoneviet demonstrating the issue below.

In the interim some users are reporting that de-activating Screen Magnifier (under Settings>Ease of Access), which is on by default, helps improve the situation significantly.

Are our 535-using readers plagued by this problem? Let us know below.


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