Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Reported issues of Lumia Devices

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First of all, humble thanks to all the viewers who provided us the feedback on our official facebook page.We have noticed some issues of Lumia Devices, which includes the following:

1.)Double tap to wake do not works.
2.).Battery suddenly reaches to 100 after 57% or near and reverts back when charger is unplugged.
3.)Loading an app takes a lot of time and then device hangs.
4.)Some updated apps show old version.
5.)Issue with proximity sensor.
6.)Auto brightness bug
7.)Displays filled SDHC even if its blank.
8.)Device automatically restarts
9.)Battery saver brightness does not works.
10.)Starting the camera, or taking a picture will result in a green screen or washed out picture.
11.)Phone shows the last time charged was within the hour all the time.
12.)Navigating through native videos, causes loud noise from speaker.
13.)Contact photo resolution is very low.
15.)The brightness suddenly flashes to full and auto reverts to normal.
16.)Cortana do not speaks the text messages aloud.
17.)Device Freeze while making a call.
18.)In microsoft office, the files in SD card cant be found, but files in phone memory can be seen and opened.

 If we are missing something please let us know in the comments below, so that we can assist you with the same.Microsoft is working on windows 10 update that will probably fix all the issues.


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